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Age 47 From Ocala, Florida Online 2 days ago

Woman Seeking A Man

Basic Information Tell us a bit about yourself.
  • First name Candie
  • I Would Describe Myself As Looking for someone who can see past the rolls and past the scars. I want to feel comfortable and safe instead of judged. I'm the nurse always caring for others. I want to be cared for and worshiped despite my looks. I want to trust and in turn give myself completely over in ways I've only read about.

    I have a large body, but see so many beautiful large women. They have clothes and styles that fit the way they should accentuating all the right curves. Just once I would love for someone to style me and make me feel beautiful and not want to hide in whatever I'm wearing. I want someone to look at me despite my size and feel fire behind their eyes looking at me longingly as I do towards them. Does any women my size ever feel special like that or is it only in the novels?

    Eventually, sooner rather than later I want to find a way to own a motor home. They can be really nice. I want to take my animals, travel, explore. I want to live near my children. One is in the Army he just made me a first time grandma a month ago!!! I want to share all that with someone. A most cherished part of life.

    I need someone who is patient with me, even when I'm not feeling well. With that said, if I'm ill, I sometimes just want to be held. Two marriages made me feel like I was responsible for giving myself Crohn's disease. No compassion shown, at all. I want to feel that compassion, to feel a tender touch. If I have to go to the hospital, just a supportive thought or 2 would mean so much.

    So, is that too much? Is it even possible or just a fairy tale?
  • Sign Capricorn
Appearance & Situation What's your present situation? Describe your appearance.
  • My Body Type Is Heavyset
  • My Height Is 5' 4 (1.63 m)
  • My Ethnicity Is Caucasian

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