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Age 38 From Norristown, Pennsylvania Online 1 week ago

Woman Seeking A Man

Basic Information Tell us a bit about yourself.
  • First name Arianna
  • I Can Speak English
  • I Would Describe Myself As I'm new to Pennsylvania I just want to get to know the area try out some restaurants do something fun
  • Sign Sagittarius
Appearance & Situation What's your present situation? Describe your appearance.
  • My Body Type Is Average
  • My Height Is 5' 11 (1.8 m)
  • My Eyes Are Green
  • My Ethnicity Is Caucasian
  • My Marital Situation Is Widowed
  • I Have Kids Yes - At Home
  • I Want Kids Not Sure
  • My Best Feature Is Chest
  • Body Art Other, Strategically Placed Tattoo
  • My Hair Is Other
  • I Have One Or More Of These Dog
  • Willing To Relocate No
Status What do you do?
  • My Education Level Is Some College
  • My Current Employment Status Is Unemployed
  • My Speciality Is Art / Music / Literature
  • I Make This Much In A Year Under $100,000USD/yr
  • At Home All Is Calm
  • I'm A Smoker No
  • I Drink Yes - Socially
Personality How do you act? What are your tastes?
  • My Social Behavior Is Observant, Friendly, Comedic, Flirtatious, Strange
  • My Interest And Hobbies Are Dining, Photography, Arts & Crafts, Learning, Music, Tv, Movies, Dancing, Theater, Travel, Cooking, Gardening, Cars, Camping, Volunteering, Shopping
  • My Idea Of A Great Time Is Hanging Out With Friends, Partying, Going Shopping, Staying At Home, Trying New Things, The Movies, Relaxing, Sleeping, Playing Dress-up, Going To A Concert, Going To A Museum
  • An Ideal First Date Would Be I’ve had a lot of first dates and there really isn’t an ideal one other than good conversation good personalities absolutely no mention of a religion or politics because I feel people are the most touchy and ornery when it comes to those two subjects I mean there are some others that are touchy to but those two are definitely steer clear of on the first day if you really want to know either of those things when it comes to me just ask me directlyBut don’t try to ask Miss Mickey questions to try and figure it out on your own because I guarantee my personality is just a lot more complicated than that I mean I’ll just say with politics I see the logic in all sides and they’re not just two this is a big world there are many types of politics but I see logic and all of them I see where they’re coming from I just know my own personal morals and beliefs values ethics and eventually I might share that with you when it comes to religion whatever anybody believesThat’s their thing it’s not anything that I would ever try to influence or I would ever want someone to push on me it’s it’s like sexuality what do you do in your bedroom is your business it’s none of my business and why I would try to project myself there to disapprove is ridiculous people just need to be moreExcepting of the fact that there are more than 6 billion people on this planet so that means there are more than 6 billion religions ways of thoughts politics feelings of joy recreation happiness sadness anger and all of those things are individual unique no two people are exactly like I don’t even care if your identical twins there are differences it may not be physiological but everybody has their own way of thinking so you cannot judge anyone he just can’t and plus human beings are the absolute 100% worst animals onThis planet so I don’t think we have room to judge because we do everything horrible here all the other animals and plants they do what’s necessary to survive there’s no weird crap thrown in the mix where the weird crap but I accept that and I can go online this is a fantastic question is who really knows what an ideal first date would be I can tell you what it’s not I haven’t had one so I don’t know
  • I've Always Wanted To Try To be honest there’s not much that I haven’t tried that I’ve wanted to try I actually can’t think of anything right now but I really wanted to try that I haven’t tried I mean I guess I could go with food but I can’t even tell you what I wanted to try because I am willing to try everything but I can tell you what I have tried and have found absolutely disgusting whether it’s mental because somethings once you know what it is you just can’t get past it for me that’s frog legs yes cargo cow tongue I’ve never had Rocky Mountain oysters which of course are ball balls but I don’t want to because it just doesn’t sit right with me in my head just think of it and it said gross sardines are absolutely gross and mushrooms mushrooms are pretty horrible they remind me or there’s nothing to remind me of it because I’ve never eaten a person but they make me think of what I think chewing on a person would feel like mushrooms have a good taste like cream of mushroom soup is great mushroom gravy is great as long as I pick the pieces of people how did it I can eat it as cargo I want it just because them living in their little shells reminds me so much of hermit crabs and I love hermit crabs they were very fascinating social structure and yeah they have a social structure it’s not just us we are humans most living things all living things have some form of structure great and I think of them you know when they’re scared they hide in the shell they’re protected it’s a little home they can take it with them everywhere they go in so I kind of really small eat at king crab but a snail it’s kind of the same thing it’s just a different type of living organismBut I can pray I relate them to each other because of the shell and being able to hide in those kinds of things I’d like that so I just can’t even hurts me even to look at as cargo and Cal tongue actually a cow tongue and I didn’t know what it was at the time and my friend was chuckling and I was like why are you what was so funny and they were like do you even know what that is not making no they told me was counting and then I just eat it anymore and I actually thought nauseous I don’t know it was some kind of weird mental thing but you know whatever I mean I guess it might be a similar similar weirdThing if I were to elect a vegetarian know that all plants are living things so whether or not they want to murder a cow for the hamburger has nothing to do with it because we’re all living things that were living on this earth together I mean if you’re going to talk happy to me I can talk him into you so I have very strong opinions and all of those things but please don’t think that I’m some kind of ornery bitch because I’m actually very fun loving I enjoy life I enjoy being around people sometimes I do like my solitude but I enjoy music and art and ends of things I mean I have a bazillion hobbies sometimes it’s overwhelming but ask for things that I wanted to try I’ve never really wanted to try anything I’ve just tried it I wasn’t ever presented with an opportunity to try some thing and I was like oh I want to do that I just did it so I am always up for trying new things and if I don’t like it I will tell you I will be straight up with that 100% because if I don’t feel comfortable I’ll let you know but a lot of times I’m oddly fine with it whatever it is
  • My Friends Describe Me As Being Friendly, Someone They Want To Be, Raunchy, Obscure, Goofy, A Flirt
Views Views on life.
  • My Religion Is Not Religious
  • I Attend Services Never
  • My Goal In Life Is That’s a tricky question to because it changes over time I mean I guess it’s some point my goal in life was to be like famous said another point it was just to be successful at another point it was what do I really consider success another point it was like just to be happy at another point it was to make sure that my son grows up in a better world than I am in at another point it was goals have kind of gone out the window I have small goals now I don’t ever try to project too far ahead in the future because realistically speaking of airplane could fall out of the sky and crash into my house at any given moment and kill me my family and other people on my block there’s no guarantee next moment so it’s kind of silly to project that far in the future I mean you can have daydreams of what the future could be or might be an actual goal so right now my goal is and I’ve already planned it out I know how many hours I need to work I know how much money I need to put down all those things it is to get a new car not necessarily a brand new car but at least a new car for me my car is 12 years old it’s not really having all that many bits of difficulty but I’ve had to take it to the shop a couple times this year and it’s more computer issues but I just need to change and that’s my goal is I’ve been saving up money for a down payment I have planned out exactly how much money I need to make to have a good monthly payment to be insurance etc. etc. etc. so for me life goals are just to die because that’s the only guaranteed thing and my hope he said it won’t be for quite some time because I would like to get old because I would like to be that weird old person that says some thing and it makes all the young people feel uncomfortable because I personally I would find that funny for myself and it would bring me a little bit of joy
  • My Kind Of Humor Is Clever, Dry / Sarcastic, Friendly, Goofy, Obscure, Raunchy

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