50 Shades Of Fire

Age 52 From Belleville, Ontario Online Over 2 weeks ago

Woman Seeking A Man

Basic Information Tell us a bit about yourself.
  • I Can Speak English
  • I Would Describe Myself As [I hate this box.]

    To describe what a man [Or woman] should be or shouldn't be is preposterous, not to mention downright hilarious.
    The truth is we're all riddled with flaws Except me! Just kidding, I've several.

    I am above no one, nor is anyone below me,
    However, I do consider those with a sense of entitlement parasites on shoes.

    I've a dry, satirical sense of humour.

    Personality type:
    - Sapiophile/Adrenaline junkie

    Agnostic Deist [Think Albert Einstein]

    Aspirations and goals:
    To graduate from Law

    I'm extremely independent, sophisticated and cultured with a strong moral code of conduct.
    [Obviously I'm not an officer of the law.]

    My idea man has essence of etiquette, awesome grooming habits and strong moral compass.
    [Obviously he's not an officer of the law.]

    My ideal relationship:
    - Meet me in the middle

    Sports: Meh
    Fishing: Yawn
    Hunting: Arm the deer - make it even!

    Favourite phenomenon:
    - Nature
    - Science
    - Space

    Favourite hotspots:
    - Anywhere I can soak up natural environments

    View on Psychiatrists and Psychologists:
    Babbling garden variety lunatics

    Things I like to do for fun:
    - Dance my derrière off
    - Go to Burlesque clubs
    - Harass snakes in the grass, namely the Provincial and Federal Government

    - Auto racing
    - Burlesque
    - Canada's Criminal Code
    - Geology
    - Motorcycles
    - Motorsports
    - NASA

    Pet peeves:
    - Bullies
    - Lazy people
    - Limited thought process
    - Polyester
    - Poor literacy

    Things that make me say hmmmm:
    - If something is out of whack, then there must be some things that are "in whack",
    - If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?
    - Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist but a person who drives a race car not called a racist?
    - What hair colour do they put on the driver's license of bald men?

    I'm a regular blood donor because it's in me to give and it's the decent thing to do.
    Don't confuse decent for nice, weakness or kindness.
    Just because someone is nice doesn't mean they are reliable.

    Closing comment:
    Straight up: Yes, dating a wealthy man would be nice, however, I am a minimalist,
    I don't desire possessions, I just want to be spoiled with LOTS of flowers for once in my life before I die. Is that so wrong?

    If you made it this far - my name is Nathalie.
  • Sign Virgo
Appearance & Situation What's your present situation? Describe your appearance.
  • My Body Type Is Athletic
  • My Height Is 5' 2 (1.57 m)
  • My Eyes Are Green
  • My Ethnicity Is Caucasian
  • My Marital Situation Is Widowed
  • I Have Kids Yes - Not At Home
  • I Want Kids No
  • My Best Feature Is Feet
  • Body Art Pierced... But Only Ear(s)
  • My Hair Is Brown
  • I Have One Or More Of These Cat
  • Willing To Relocate Yes
Status What do you do?
  • My Education Level Is Some College
  • My Current Employment Status Is Student
  • My Speciality Is Legal
  • My Job Title Is Administration
  • I Make This Much In A Year Under $100,000USD/yr
  • I Live Alone, With Pet(s)
  • At Home Friends Come Over Occasionally
  • I'm A Smoker Yes - Socially
  • I Drink No
Personality How do you act? What are your tastes?
  • Back In High School, I Was A Outcast
  • My Social Behavior Is Friendly, Comedic, Fire Starter, Outgoing, Dark
  • My Interest And Hobbies Are Photography, Reading, Learning, Music, Movies, Dancing, Theater, Cooking, Cars, Camping, Volunteering
  • My Idea Of A Great Time Is Hanging Out With Friends, Trying New Things, Clubbing / Bars, Going To A Concert, Going To A Museum
  • An Ideal First Date Would Be Simple, spend one (1) hour together in a relaxed atmosphere and than part ways,
    this way there's no pressure to commit if there's no chemistry.
    If there was chemistry in that one (1) hour, we can plan a second date together.
  • I've Always Wanted To Try Skydiving
  • My Friends Describe Me As Being Friendly, Troublemaker, Cool
Views Views on life.
  • My Religion Is Other
  • I Attend Services Never
  • My Political Views Are Middle Of The Road
  • My Goal In Life Is To graduate from Law
  • My Kind Of Humor Is Dry / Sarcastic, Friendly, Slapstick
Taste What do you like?
  • On Tv, I Always Watch News, Documentaries, Situation Comedies, Movies
  • My Top 3 Tv Shows Are CSI, GOT TALENT, National Geographic
  • When I Go To The Movies, I Always Go To See A Action, Science Fiction, Comedy
  • My Top 3 Movies Are The Sound Of Music, Matrix Reloaded, Aliens,
  • When Listening To Music, I Always Listen To Rock, Electronic, Pop, Classical, Blues, Jazz, Dance, Soul, Reggae
  • My Top 3 Musical Artists Are Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, Greta Van Fleet
  • When I Read, I Always Read News, Business, Health, Home & Garden, Mathematics, Music, Nature, Political, Reference, Satire, Science
  • My Top 3 Books Are The Outsiders, The Catcher In The Rye, To Kill A Mockingbird
  • My Idea Of Fun Is Anything that gets me outdoors.
Looking for What are you looking for in your soulmate?
  • What Do You Find Attractive? Wit, Spontaneity, Boldness, Sensitivity, Empathy, Great Skills, Humor, Good Looks, Thoughtfullness, Intelligence
  • What Do You Look For? - He's a gentleman
    - He's direct
    - He's faithful
    - He has integrity
    - He's Honest
    - He's mature
    - He's self confident
    - He has a positive attitude
  • What Kind Of Relationship Are You Seeking? Intimate, Committed

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