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Возраст 51 из Redlands, California Онлайн Сегодня

Женщина Ищу Мужчину

Базовая информация Расскажите о себе.
  • Говорю на языках: Английский
  • Я бы описал(а) себя как I love this Song: Parmalee — Close Your Eyes

    I love to kiss and cuddle and kiss and ...pleasing who I am with really does it for me… I am short and curvy...I love to flirt and laugh and have fun… Sleeping under the stars has always been a favorite… I don't mind camping and roughing it or dressing up for a nice dinner… I love all kinds of music and I eat oatmeal for breakfast…

    If you are a Sugar Daddy type, then message me. Does Santa exist? I hope so, I need him to be real this year… Update: I found out that Santa doesn't exist. I find this to be quite disappointing… :-/

    I am a little old fashioned when it comes to how I prefer to be treated. I like to have doors held for me, but I'm ok if I get the door myself. I have been single for almost 10 years and I feel it's time to get back into the swing of things. I am respectful, trustworthy, sexy, open minded, easy going, funny, ornery, playful, understanding, loyal, very discreet and much more. You can share anything in this world with me and I would never judge you and it would never leave that room. Promise that.

    I am a proud mother of 2. My son is 25 and my daughter is 11. Not many things bother me. I try not to have expectations to prevent disappointment and I usually end up having a better time than I would have ever expected! If I make a friend out of this dating thing, GREAT! I love friendships and I cherish them. If you can handle a skinny girl in a curvy body, by all means, email me! I don't know to what extent of a relationship I am looking for yet, so lets just play it by ear, k…

    for fun: For fun, I mostly like to read paranormal romances and hang out with friends, watch movies at home or the drive-in

    favorite hot spots: I would like to use my resort package more often.

    favorite things: My favorite colors are....Purple 1st, Blue 2nd

    last read: Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward

    Daytime Playtime works for me. Have car, will travel.

    What I'm looking for

    Looking for a nice man who has a bit of a bad boy side. He must be gentle but strong, not jealeous or possessive, someone who is content in his own skin. He must have a sense of humor and like to flirt (with me of course, lol),. He must be intelligent because I love to listen and learn. He must have a generous heart and care about others. He must be respectful of himself and others and love children and animals. He is a romantic at heart and doesn't mind pressing his girl up against a wall from time to time.

    I am not into games or fakes… Someone who can be real and say what is on his mind. I prefer the truth to a lie always. Please don't tell me your gonna do something if you aren't planning on doing it. I can be very understanding if plans change but I have my limitations.

    Looking for someone exciting and fun, with a sense of humor that can keep my interests. Someone that can make me giggle, cry happy tears and curl my toes. My desire is to be tamed enough to settle down eventually, but I'm sure the right guy won't have any problem. I like men that use terms of endearment. That makes me smile on the inside. I seek a man that sees me for what I'm worth and treats me as such… Chivalry is important and a flirty attitude is beautiful. ;)
    My ideal first date
    Dinner or shopping, basically a way to spend time together to see if there is a connection.
  • Знак зодиака Весы
Внешность и семейное положение Каково Ваше положение на настоящий момент? Опишите свою внешность.
  • Телосложение Пара лишних кг
  • Мой рост 157 см
  • Мои глаза Коричневые
  • Моя этническая принадлежность Кавказец
  • Семейное положение Один/одна
  • У меня есть дети Да - дома
  • Хочу детей Нет
  • Привлекательная часть тела Глаза
  • Боди-арт Проколот пупок
  • Мои волосы Коричневые
  • Домашние животные Кошка
Статус Чем Вы занимаетесь?
  • Образование Неоконченное высшее
  • Работа/Учеба: Неполный рабочий день
  • Род занятий Bookkeeper/Solar Consultant
  • Живу С детьми
  • Дома Все очень спокойно
  • Отношение к курению Нет
  • Пью Нет
Характер Как Вы ведете себя? Каковы Ваши предпочтения?
  • В школе я был(а): Тихоня
  • Мое социальное поведение Флирт
  • Интересы и увлечения: Чтение, Учеба, Фильмы, Интернет, Игра в карты, Шопинг
  • Мое представление об отлично проведенном времени Тусовки с друзьями, Шопинг, Останусь дома, Чтение книг
  • Идеально первое свидание Anything that allows us to get to know each other.
  • Друзья считают что я: Сама дружелюбность, Крутой, Нет друзей, Флирт
Взгляды Убеждения
  • Моя религия Не поддерживаю религии
  • Посещение служб: Никогда
  • Моя цель в жизни To always be better than I was yesterday.
  • Мой юмор Сарказм, Сама дружелюбность, Немного "того", Вульгарный(ая), Садистский
Вкусы Что Вам нравится?
  • По телевизору, я всегда смотрю Драма
  • Предпочитаемые жанры фильмов: Экшн
  • Предпочитаемая музыка Кантри, Рок, Поп, Классика
  • Я люблю читать: Биография, Бизнес, Фантазия, Ссылка, Научная фантастика, Эротика, Сверхъестественное
  • Мои идеи классного времяпрепровождения Depends on the common interests of who I'm with.
В поиске Что Вы ищите в своем человеке?
  • Считаю привлекательным: Остроумие, Кокетство, Деньги, Чувствительность, Сопереживание, Юмор, Красота, Внимание, Интеллект
  • Что и кого ищете? People I feel free to be myself around. People that see my worth and make me want to be a better person.
  • Ищу отношения типа: Друг, Свидание, Интим, Другое, Не имеет значения

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